Should You Throw It Out? A Look at Expiration Dates on Dental Products

frayed toothbrush

Does toothpaste ever expire? What about mouthwash or dental floss? Or even your toothbrush? When it comes to your oral health, you only want to use the best products, so you want to make sure they still work. Let’s take a moment to look at the expiration date on dental products.

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How to Prevent Dental Plaque Buildup

person flossing

Have you ever run your tongue over your teeth and noticed that they felt a little fuzzy? That was probably dental plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly accumulates on your teeth after eating and drinking. The bacteria in plaque can attack your teeth and gums, resulting in cavities and gum disease. You don’t want that! Let’s look at some tips for how to prevent dental plaque buildup.

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How Is Stress Impacting Your Teeth?

model of teeth grinding

Are you going through a stressful time in your life? Sometimes, your body can communicate this in ways that aren’t good for your oral or overall health. In a study published in 2018, researchers found that chronic stress is actually a national epidemic for people from all backgrounds. Because the causes and solutions to this problem are so complex, sometimes it can’t always be treated. So, what should you do if your stress is impacting other parts of your body like your oral health? Read on to learn how your dentist can protect you from some of the effects.  

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4 FAQs About Periodontal Disease

toothbrush with blood on it

According to recent research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of American adults have periodontal disease. This oral condition is a bacterial infection of the gums that can have detrimental impacts on your mouth when it’s left untreated. When harmful oral bacteria are left to accumulate, they release toxins that cause your gums to become inflamed, swollen, and irritated. These toxins can also get into your bloodstream and have been connected to an increased risk of a variety of health problems such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory infections. Knowing the basics about periodontal disease can allow you to treat it before it advances. Read on to get some answers to commonly asked questions about the condition.

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4 Factors to Consider While Shopping for Dental Implants in Bensalem

dentist talking to patient

After months of researching dental implants in Bensalem to decide if they’re the right restorative procedure for you, the last thing you want to do is spend even more time looking for an implant dentist. Choosing a professional can be overwhelming, especially when you have to wade through hundreds of pages of search results. Knowing what to look for can help narrow your options and ensure that you choose the best option for you. Read on for 4 factors to look into while hunting for an implant dentist in Bensalem.

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