Care of Dentures – Bensalem, PA

Denture Care

It is important for patients who wear dentures to be diligent with their oral care. Daily brushing is necessary to remove food particles and debris. Regular checkups with the dentist are equally important as the dentist will clean the dentures to remove any plaque in order to prevent any gum disease. A dentist may use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any tarter that has accumulated over time. These regular checkups will also allow the dentist to make any adjustments to the denture ensuring a comfortable fit. Keep reading to get tips for the care of dentures in Bensalem, PA.

Cleaning a denture

  • Fill the sink with water and place a washcloth at the bottom of the sink. Brush the denture over the filled sink. This way, should the denture fall; it will land in the water and not crack.
  • Make sure to use cool or room temperature water. Hot water may cause the false teeth or acrylic to warp.
  • Gently hold the denture and use a soft bristled tooth brush. Dentures should be brushed with either soap and water or a mild abrasive tooth paste. To avoid scratching or breaking the denture, do not use abrasive chemicals or highly abrasive pastes or hard bristled tooth brushes.


  • Once the denture has been brushed clean, soak them overnight in a denture cleanser. These cleansers will remove debris in hard to reach places and freshen the denture by removing odor causing bacteria. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the cleanser off before wearing the denture.
  • When cleaning your natural teeth and gums it is important to use a separate tooth brush than the one used to clean the denture. If the patient has no natural teeth, a soft wash cloth can be used to clean the gums.
  • Any gum irritation that does not go away should be looked at by the Dentist.
  • Dentures should be replaced every five years due to changes in supporting structures of the mouth.