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Dental Implant Restorations – Bensalem, PA

If you lost one or more teeth or have dentures and you are ready for a permanent solution, we invite you to consider dental implant restorations in Bensalem, PA. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can restore function, appearance and self-esteem.

Losing permanent teeth due to an accident, aging, or periodontal disease can be difficult, but you can get back the beautiful smile and confidence you have always wanted.

Dr. Gutman has been restoring implants for the past 20 years and placing implants for the past 10 years. We work with extremely knowledgeable and talented specialists, helping you achieve your goals. Give us a call today for a free implant consultation or 2nd opinion.

Implant Dentistry Facts:

  • Durable – The implant fuses to the bone making implants the most durable tooth replacement option.
  • Long-Lasting – Implant supported restorations can last a lifetime if properly maintained
  • Healthy Oral Solution – Implant restorations do not require reduction of bordering teeth
  • Natural Looking – Implant restorations are designed to look like natural teeth
  • Improve Appearance and Restore Confidence

The Dental Implant Restoration Process:

  • The dental implant takes the place of the old root in the jaw bone
  • Over the next 2-6 months the implant fuses to the bone becoming an anchor for the artificial tooth or Denture.
  • The next step is to design the new replacement tooth. Once ready, the new replacement tooth is attached to the implant – the patient will be able to chew and speak normally.
  • When a patient loses several teeth, an implant supported bridge can be created to replace the missing teeth.

Please see the videos below to learn more: