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Mouthguards – Bensalem, PA

Athletic Guards – Anyone enjoying contact sports such as football, rugby or lacrosse needs to protect their teeth using a sportsguard.

Custom designed sportsguards are more comfortable, less bulky, non-chafing and provide better cushioning so they’re more likely to be worn.

Nightguards protect from clenching and grinding while sleeping. A nightguard designed by your dentist will be comfortable and do a great job of protecting your teeth.

Some people find a standard nightguard uncomfortable in which case your dentist can design a slimmer, Invisalign nightguard. These guards are almost invisible and can double as daytime protection from discomfort caused by clenching or grinding of the teeth.

Other situations where a mouthguard is beneficial.

Wearing a nightguard may also relieve jaw and joints pain for those patients experiencing TMJ or teeth grinding. And of course a nightguard will protect expensive dental work such as crowns, implants and bridges from the damage caused by teeth grinding. Simply put, your teeth will last a lifetime with the proper care and attention and your dentist is there to help you protect your health, teeth and your cosmetic investment.

Nightguards can also protect orthodontic patients from shifting or drifting of the teeth.

Snore Guards

While sleeping the soft tissues at the back of the throat vibrate due to the jaw relaxing back during sleep. A snore guard repositions the lower jaw forward, opening the airway for more efficient air passage and reducing snoring for a more restful sleep.